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Author: Jay
Inspired By: Kuulgryphun3

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This version only supports 1.27b & up since it goes beyond the 8 MB limit.

4.9g [RELEASED!] Critical Update

Note: Includes main fix for item swapping through bags

Change: Sickle now does 10 damage from 20
Change: Bigfoots HP doubled & has improved stats
Change: Wholly Mammoths/Rhinos now have (bash again)

Fixed: Swapping bags disrupting revival & tames
Fixed: Siberian Shield (Salvage)
Fixed: Valdris now shows cooldown
Fixed: Display of chosen days on startup

Other: Minor optimizations & tooltip fixes

This version only supports 1.27b & up since it goes beyond the 8 MB limit.

4.9f [RELEASED!]

Tames: Limit of 1 tame per Survivor (fixed)

Change: Tames can now be used with all Weapons
Change: Brew fire (no longer provides heat or melt) (HP lowered)
Change: Claw (Paws) special stacking removed (incompatible)

Fixed: Werewolf Transformation (mod now continues)
Fixed: Bag Swap issue with same type stacks
Fixed: Issue with combining sticks + branches
Fixed: Issue with tames death & item removal
Fixed: Issue with having multiple tames upon death
Fixed: Issue with having multiple tames per bag switch
Fixed: Several tool-tips that were out of context

Removed: Health Penalty from Tames (No longer needed)

This version only supports 1.27b & up since it goes beyond the 8 MB limit.

4.9e [RELEASED!]

Werewolf Mod:
Added: The transformation stays with you passively
Note: Upon night-time you will go back to werewolf form
Added: Daytime now restores you as a Survivor (not death)
Added: Additional detection for 1 werewolf per game

Added: New fire detection system
Note: Accidentally dropping items underneath fires are returned to the Survivor

Added: Movement Debug Command
Command: -Debug Movement
Note: Unfortunately I wont be able to fix this issue right now, this system should detect when movement falls under a specific point, if you see a error message appear notify me when it happens.

Change: When crafting a Knife, sharpening stone exchanges into a rock
Change: Optimized Brewery (no longer consumes stacked items)
Change: Brew fire now costs -30% fire fuel
Change: Slingshot is no longer consumed on 0 ammo
Change: B.Amulet tool-tip corrected & (now requires Easy Mode)

Fixed & Optimized: Day/Night System
Fixed: Issue associated with the Cold applying to werewolf
Fixed: Rabbit Gather (Again)
Fixed: Werewolf should now make enemies
Fixed: Werewolf tool-tip (critical strike is 50% not 15%)
Removed: Salt Block Trap (Temporarily)

Other: Optimizations that do not effect game-play other than improve performance.

This version only supports 1.27b & up since it goes beyond the 8 MB limit.

4.9d - [Preview]

Added: Werewolf [Mod]
Added: New High Quality Textures
Added: Secret Item (Cosmetic Only)

Tweaked: Full Inventory (Can also pickup snow piles when full)
Tweaked: Ranged System (Corrected animations & new models)

Change: Ranged weapons now usable with Melee
Change: Coyotes no longer drops tooth

Attempt to fix: Versus Win/Loss
Attempt to fix: Multiboard (Survivors Alive)

Removed: All non-working brewery recipes (will return once completed)

Other: Fixes & Optimizations that do not effect game-play other than improve performance.

4.9c - [RELEASED] (Critical Update!)

Fixed: A bug that caused the game to crash (Sorry folks!)

4.9b - [RELEASED]

Added: Revival for Siberian Tiger
Added: Gear Options (Startup only)
Added: Win/Loss is now enabled by default.
Note: Can be turned off via (Player 1 Red)

Change: Spears can now be held with tames.
Change: Health Penalty for tames will no longer drop below 30% HP.
Change: Days have been lowered to match the game settings.
Note: Max amount of days is now 16 (which is 3 hours)

Fixed: A error in a AI function
Fixed: Bags switches now work with tames without Health Penalty.

Other: Optimizations that do not effect game-play other than improve performance.


New Day System -
Max is 100 or you can lower them via host settings to increase the challenge.

New Weather System -
Wind (Unable to craft fires)
Rain (Unable to use explosives) + (Puts out fires & torches faster)
Snowstorm (Slightly reduces visibility)

New Item - Hydrated Meat (Cooked Meat + Hot Water)
New Item - Blessed Amulet (Secret)

Moonlight sword - Is now rechargeable during & at spawn location.

Fur Helm - (Requires 1 pelt instead of 2)
Fur Coat - (Requires 2 pelt instead of 3)

Snow Piles - (Drops 3 items instead of 2)
Trees - (Drops 4 Logs, 2 Sticks, 2 Branches)

Returning Weapons - Bone, Ice, Poison (Spears)

Fixed - (some fire fuel costs were incorrect)
Fixed - (model for weapons)
Fixed - (twisted vine rope & throw)

Minor Tweaks & Bugs Fixes

4.8z [RELEASED] #4

This is a hotfix for 4.8y

This is a hotfix & requires a overwrite of 4.8z (delete any old versions of 4.8z)


Improved - Apparel, Fire, Water Barrel (Systems)

Improved - Inventory (Continue stacking on full inventory)

Other: Minor improvements, tweaks, fixes.


Fixed: - Revival (Lock bug)

Added - Camera Reset Commands (beta-only)
-reset on
-reset flush

Reset On: Turns on scripts
Reset: Any player can type once enabled
Reset Flush: Player 1 can reset all cameras


Added: - Context for Hotkeys on Inventory/Bags

Renamed: - Item Handler = Item Exchange
Reconstructed: - Item Exchange System (Valdris fixed)

Reverted: - Day/Night cycle
Note: Reduced night time cycle (less night)

Fixed: - Tames (Multiplayer)
Fixed: - Bandages & Torches now stack
Fixed: - Tents & Igloo now stack items
Fixed: - Bigfoot (Skinnable)
Fixed: - Revival (Vision bug)
Fixed: - Item Salvage (Missing items)

Other: Minor updates/fixes


Added: - Hotkeys to Inventory (Q, W, E)

Corrected: - Apparel Recipes

Fixed: - Critical Leak (Missed)
Fixed: - Context on tooltip
Fixed: - Item Handler (Tweaks)


Buff: - Mammoth (+100% Health)
Buff: - Rhino (+100% Health)

Nerf: - Knife (Strike = 20 from 30)
Nerf: - Knife (Haste = 50% from 75%)
Nerf: - Sickle (Strike = 20 from 30)
Nerf: - Sickle (Haste = 50% from 75%)

Fixed: - Inventory Bags (Multiplayer)
Fixed: - Health Aura
Fixed: - Chopping Log
Fixed: - Critical Leak

Corrected: - Several recipes & tooltips
Corrected: - Sewing Kit & Tool Kit (Requirements)

Improved: - Day & Night Cycle
Improved: - Tames (Additional rework)

Tames: Siberian Tiger now Tamable!
Tames: Wolf Pack now Tamable!

Other: Minor updates/fixes


This is a hotfix for multiplayer

Fixed: - Revive System
Fixed: - Skinning System
Fixed: - Animal AI System
Fixed: - Salt Block Trap
Fixed: - Mace/Valdris (Now Craftable)


Major Update

Reconstructed: Bow System
Reconstructed: Fire System
Reconstructed: Water Barrel System
Reconstructed: Chopping Log System
Reconstructed: Cold System (Not finished)
Reconstructed: Taming System (Now works)
Reconstructed: Revival System
Reconstructed: Sewing Kit & Tool Kit system

Added: New Backpack System (18 Slots)
Added: New Gather System (Rabbit Tame)
Added: New Fire Gather System (Sorts Items by fire)
Added: Apparel now drops upon death
Added: Item (Sharpening Stone)
Added: Item (Twisted Vine Rope)
Added: Item (Sickle) / [Weapon] = Knife + Torch
Added: New Animal (Siberian Tiger)
Added: New Insect (Spider)

Later adding: New Bird-Type & Walrus

Fixed: Tree Transparency (crash)
Fixed: Fire smoke animations
Fixed: Coyotes (Now steal food)
Fixed: Wolves (Now work near dens)
Fixed: Several Recipe Bugs & Item Handler Bugs

Improved: Wildlife AI Scare (additional checks) you can no longer corner wildlife

Chopping Log: Skull can be chopped for x2 Bone
Chopping Log: Stick can be chopped for x2 Tinder

Changed: A few texture updates (beard is now grey)
Changed: Valdris now has (Bladestorm)
Changed: Sword now (Ignores Armor)

Renamed: Daggon --> Valdris (Bone)
Renamed: Skinning Knife --> Bone (Knife)

Removed: Dagger/Daggers
Removed: Dual Wielding (May return)

Disabled: Annoying Systems

Returning Weapons: Spears = Bone/Frozen/Fire/Poison

More soon, may have missed some.
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