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[Pinned] Werewolf Mod - How to enable (4.9e only)

Werewolf Mod is fully working in Wilderness Survival 4.9eTo enable it you need to be Player 1 (Red) & choose then click Werewolf Mod --> click [Enable] from the startup game menu. Once you finish the setup to start the game you cannot chang...
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[Pinned] 4.9 - Taming Animals

There are currently "7" Tamable Animals in Wilderness Survival 4.9.Important Notes: Weapons cannot be used with tames. Each tame takes up 1 inventory spot. You cannot stack tames or have more than 1 tame at a time. Tames cannot wander too far off ...
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[Pinned] 4.9 - How to build your Tools & Kits

If you're un-sure what Item Handler is please review this guide: Click HereRecipes:[Knife] - is required to skin dead animals (Automatically skins when standing near)+ 1 Sharpening (Stone) - (Requires: Item Handler in Craft Menu) Use Rock or Flint...
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[Pinned] 4.9 - To build a fire

This thread is still a work in progressFires in 4.9 work a little bit differently than other versions, let's go over themRecipe - Flint + Tinder + Stick = Fire (Both Day & Night)Strengths:Fires have no limits, you can have as many as you wantA...
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[Pinned] 4.9 - Item Exchange (Ability)

Just come from the Tools & Kits thread? This link will take you back: Click HereAttention - "Item Handler" was renamed into "Item Exchange"Item Exchange is a Survivor ability that can exchange out specific items at will by pressing the "Item H...
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