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[Pinned] Suggestions

[Pinned] Suggestions

You can either post here or make your own thread of what you would like suggest.Keep a open mind of the concept on wilderness & survival while suggesting your ideas.
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4.9 Weather Effects - Gameplay

More info soonSnow - Common weather effect no changesSnowstorm - Reduces visibility[Storm Effect] - Increases the chance you miss enemy targets by "x" %Rain - Puts out small fires & torches faster (even when held)[Rain Effect] - If the followi...
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4.9 Suggestions - Cold & Weather Effects

Wilderness Survival (4.9 discussion only)- Heat, Cold, Shiver, & Hypothermia System: (New, Tweaks & Re-designs)Notes: Temp is a newly added feature to slow down the process from players freezing to death. Temp is a reference to "Weather Te...
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