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Please make sure you're using the latest Warcraft III version/patch

If you receive this error "lost connection to battle net" it's a temporary IP restriction because it's battle net (talk about poor quality...) you will have to wait up to 5 - 15 minutes can be extended up to 72 hours if you continue (it's better to just wait out 10 minutes) then try again. This can happen by copy & pasting the game names using the queue lists (always type the game name in)

Bots are sadly the only real exception to find games as they fill up the matches relatively fast.

ENT Gaming (Bot Hosting)
Ent Gaming (Battle Net + Garena + Euro = Combined)
Note: ENT Gaming is completely free & does require sign up. (Beware of cheated maps as anyone can host)
Use ENT LINK (to upload map) & use ENT CONNECT using the LAN service (requires java enabled) or use Retail to find your hosted game

Make Me Host (Bot Hosting)
Make Me Host (Battle Net)
Current queue hosts
Note: Make Me Host is completely free & doesn't require sign up. (Only works with Retail servers)

Garena is (LAN - Based)
Garena (Possible to join Battle Net games through ENT or other bots that require payment)
Note: Garena is completely free & does require sign up. (Sadly they removed most rooms for Warcraft 3 for most countries but still available to join other rooms if not full, still alternative option)

Game Ranger is (LAN - Based)
Game Ranger LAN (LAN Only)
Note: Game Ranger is completely free & does require sign up. (Alot of users use outdated versions)
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