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This message is for those concerned about the Garena Clan I once had.

Since Garena has shutdown Warcraft III LAN game rooms including my main region, I have long left Garena because of it.

The post below is a partial copy of what was announced on a webpage

Garena has apparently removed virtual LAN from Garena+ client without any notice. All games including Warcraft 3 TFT/DotA, Counter-Strike and Age of Empire etc. are no longer supported. Users around the world are unable to join game rooms as loading gets stuck at "Auth in Main Server". Also, new Garena+ update is being rolled out in which LAN Games button is completely removed.

Garena Auth in Main Server

Garena's main forums are also put under maintenance. A week has been passed but there is no official announcement from them. According to some reports, Garena is short listing countries for LAN support meaning that only selected countries can access it. In the next Garena+ update, we may see significant changes to Garena+ client.

The sudden removal of LAN feature is indeed frustrating because a huge number of players have spent a great time on this platform

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