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Werewolf Mod is fully working in Wilderness Survival 4.9e & above

To enable it you need to be Player 1 (Red) & choose then click Werewolf Mod --> click [Enable] from the startup game menu. Once you finish the setup to start the game you cannot change these settings.

Before learning how to become werewolf let's take a look at a few things about what you can & cannot do as a Werewolf

  • Only 1 Werewolf per game at any given time
  • Has no inventory (cannot pick up or use any items)
  • Has it's own set of skills
  • Is not affected by Weather conditions
  • Turns into a Werewolf (every night)
  • Turns all current allies into enemies (only while in form)
  • Can cure it with antidote (currently unavailable!)
  • If Werewolf dies transformation will dissipate (Currently ends Werewolf Mod - this will get fixed)

How to become a Werewolf step by step

  1. Craft or Build a fire
  2. Obtain a Brew Fire for [-30% fire fuel] make sure to feed fire before doing so or you will lose your fire
  3. Gather a [Tooth] + [Stick] (Hunt wolves for Tooth)
  4. Place a [Tooth] + [Stick] in Brew Fire then click [Brew Items] with Brew Fire selected
  5. You should now have a (Tooth of a Lifeblood) that you just brewed
  6. Make sure you have (Tooth of a Lifeblood) in your inventory
  7. Find (any) wolf (coyotes are excluded & do not count)
  8. Wait until it gets (dark at night) precisely in game at (16:30)
  9. Requires 0 hunger to be able to transform, you can also use items to deplete hunger carefully
  10. Click on (Tooth of a Lifeblood) then get bitten by a Wolf (Be quick about it because TOAL has a duration)
  11. You should now be transformed into a Werewolf

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