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[Pinned] Wilderness Survival 4.9 (History)

4.9a is one of the most completed versions for quite sometime, I highly recommend anyone to give it a try & give feedback.The start of 4.8 was a layout / terrain concept that didn't add up to my expectations, soon it was revised into what 3.0 ...
Small Jay@WCIII 1y
Jay@WCIII1128Small Jay@WCIII 1y
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[Pinned] Wilderness Survival 4.7e (No longer supported)

4.7h was the last & final version of the 4.7 series, 4.7e was still chosen as the go to version which has alot of broken game mechanics. 4.7i - 4.7z these versions do not exist.If you have any question regarding 4.7e, please understand that I ...
Small Jay@WCIII 1y
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